Last Minute Guests and a 10 minutes Tidy up System

If you find out last minute that you are expecting guests for watching the game and your property is in a compete mess, there’s no need to panic – 10 minutes are enough to apply a quick and general tidy up. Here are a few easy steps which will make your home comfortable. Our 10 minutes tidy up system will always work out well when you have no time.

Clear up your priorities
First reconsider which premises need more cleaning. If you are expecting guests only for the evening then clean only the rooms you would expect them to enter as the bathroom and the living area. Choosing only a few premises will save time and an additional and unneeded effort.

Ensure some help

Make your children or your partner to give you a hand with the cleaning. The little one may bring all the toys, books and clothes to their right place. This will speed up the tidy up process and will reduce your own tasks.

Wipe windows ( from the inside ) and glass surfaces

You might the following as an useless task. However clean windows and glass surfaces will make your home shining in a few minutes, especially of you have children or pets. Fingerprints and nose marks are confessing that your house is a mess!

Dust the TV

10 minutes are never enough to wipe in general all the dust but you should try your best to remove it at least from the most obvious areas as the TV location.

Collect pets fur

Anti-static dust cloths are great for cleaning dust and pet hair on hard floors, and it’s great when you do not have time to run a vacuum cleaner. Use towels on the ledge …