End of Tenancy Cleaning North London

end of tenancy cleaningWe are a registered company offering the end of tenancy cleaning to people in the North London. While there are a number of companies offering cleaning services, most of them do not end up offering all that they promise. This is to say that after promise a world of things in order to get the contracts, they cannot ensure proper work. For other companies that offer good services, the rates are high. In our company we do not just promise but also live up to our promise while also keeping prices moderate and affordable.

The magnitude of the task of end of tenancy is huge. While the end of tenancy cleaning requires a cleaning the entire property, it is not what simple or ordinary home cleaning indicates. The cleaning requires expertise and cannot be accomplished by just any one who is inexperienced. What we do at the North London districts is share your task and make it lighter for you. In fact, we undertake your complete task so that you no longer have to deal with the dirty task with your hands.

Tenancy Cleaners North London

End of Tenancy CleaningPrices
Studio Flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £139
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189

The end of tenancy cleaning that we offer involves a thorough cleaning of the house. We have a skilled set of professionals who clean the entire house along with the bathroom and the kitchen. As the kitchen is a place that accumulates much dirt and grease, it needs more vigorous cleaning when compared to the rest of the property. We offer a deep cleaning service for the kitchen and we are specially equipped for the cleaning. Moreover, we take care that the property remains unharmed.

    The cleaning products are of the highest quality and do not harm the property. The tiles are cleaned and degreased alongside cleaning the grouts.

    aftertenancycleaningWe also take special care while cleaning the bathroom as this is the place that gets the dirtiest while being vulnerable to scratches and marks. Dirty stains that have seated deep are difficult to get ridden of. However, have both skilled professionals as well as advanced equipment helps us treat the stains while also making sure that no harm is caused.

    We do a spick and span end of tenancy cleaning at affordable rates. We also offer some discounts!