End Of Tenancy Services London

We offer End of Tenancy service for London and nearby areas. Our cleaners are some of the best professionals available in the industry at this moment. Our service is the most advanced one and with the help of the latest techniques and methods we have designed the most successful cleaning program. Our cleaners are well trained and highly experienced, able to handle any kind of cleaning assignments.

We understand that you already have your hands full with packing and relocating so deep cleaning your flat is far from tempting. This is why we offer you our professional help. We believe that moving out of your previously rented accommodation should not be such a stressful experience. This is the exact reason why we provide this premium End of Tenancy service. Call us straight away and allow us to take this burden off your shoulders.

We provide the fastest End of Tenancy support service, which means that while you are busy packing and moving out we will take care of the tedious part of it, i.e. cleaning the premises. We ensure that you leave your rented accommodation in a prim and proper condition. Nowadays, most landlords do require professional cleaning to be done once you move out. This is because property owners are particularly concerned about the sanitation of the rented area since they have to keep it well maintained for new tenants. Unkempt premises can bring you bad or below average referral and non-refunding of your deposit.

Our service includes flawless cleaning of the most difficult parts of the house namely the kitchen and bathroom. No matter how particular you have been over the years, these areas tend to get dirty. Kitchen, particularly the cooking area, is highly greased and ruined by stains. We use cleaning agents that target the stubborn stains and remove them in just a few minutes. We wash, polish and mop the entire space; at the end of the cleaning program you will observe a noticeable change.

Bathrooms are also notorious and we pay special attention to all bathroom fittings – we scrub, clean and sanitize the toilet and its seat, sink, taps, shower and tiles until they shine. We clean dust, vacuum clean, mop and polish every hard and soft surface of the property. We will clean the carpeted floor with a powerful vacuum cleaner, using shampoos and cleaning solutions.

one of the cleaning products used during the process are harsh in nature; each and every detergent used by us belongs to reputed brands of the cleaning industry.

End of Tenancy CleaningPrices
Studio Flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £139
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189

Here is a list of all areas included in our End of Tenancy Service:


  • Sink and taps
  • – washed and disinfected
    Limescale removed and surface polished where required

  • Stove top
  • – washed and all grease removed
    All work surfaces will be degreased and polished

  • Counter top
  • – washed, polished and disinfected
    All stains will be treated with cleaning solutions, leaving the surface spotless

  • Tiled surfaces
  • – cleaned, polished and disinfected
    All stains, grease and built up dirt will be removed
    All kitchen appliances cleaned externally
    We provide special internal deep cleaning of ovens

  • Shelves and cupboards
  • – cleaned and disinfected
    Old food and rubbish will be disposed of

  • Table and all surfaces
  • – cleaned and polished

  • Floors
  • – vacuumed and mopped


  • Sink and taps
  • – washed and disinfected
    Descaling agent will be used

  • Shower taps, head and hose
  • – washed and disinfected
    Descaled, dried and polished

  • Toilet and seat
  • – cleaned, disinfected
    All stains and limescale will be removed

  • All tiled surfaces
  • – Polished and disinfected
    Washed with special agent, dried and polished

  • Bath tub/ Jacuzzi
  • – cleaned and disinfected
    Descaled and polished, drain cleaned

  • Mirrors
  • – cleaned
    Shower cabin and all glass surfaces will also be cleaned

  • Floors
  • – vacuumed and mopped

  • Drain
  • – cleaned and hairs removed

Bedroom and Living Room

  • Floors and upholstery
  • – vacuumed
    Under furniture and upholstery cushions as well

  • Hard floors
  • – mopped
    Cleaning solution used to remove all stains, dirt and grease

  • All surfaces
  • – dusted, cleaned and polished
    All rubbish removed, spots and stains cleaned with cleaning detergents

  • Mirrors and windows
  • – cleaned
    We clean all your windows internally

  • Doors and door knobs/handles
  • Dusted, cleaned with special agents and disinfected

  • Light switches
  • – disinfected

  • All lampshades and decoration objects
  • – dusted and cleaned

We Cover the Below Areas in London

    Why Choose Us:


    We have been on the market for several years now, gaining experience and improving every aspect of our work. We have learned what is best for all our customers and how to reach flawless results every time. Our journey has been truly amazing and we have set new standards in the cleaning industry. Our comprehensive cleaning service has been designed to take care of all the cleaning worries of the tenants. We offer highly inclusive programs at very affordable prices. Call us to get all the details of our services.

    Do not hesitate to call our office any time. Our office assistants will help you find out more about all the services we provide and answer any questions you might have about future projects. We would be happy to help you reach the desired quality of your property.

    1. Our staff is very experienced and qualified to provide best results.
    2. We use only top-quality cleaning products and equipment.
    3. We cover all areas of London so you don’t have to worry about transportation.
    4. We are fully insured and all services we offer are 100% guaranteed.